What is Coaching?

  • An action-driven partnership built to reach objectives.
  • An approach based on asking questions to help discover blind spots.
  • A support system and guidance.
  • A precious source of feedback.

The Benefits of Coaching:

  • Reaching your goals.
  • Developing your potential.
  • Understanding situations to deal with them.


A boost from being coached by a certified ICF coach, that improves organizational leadership and individual management skills.


A state of mind stemming from working with a certified ICF coach, leading you to overcome obstacles.


An active business solution developed with the help of a certified ICF coach, characterized by an ease in retaining qualified personnel.


A winning attitude, fostered by steps taken with a certified ICF coach, that motivates others positively.

ICF Québec

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Why Choose a Certified Coach?

  • Working with a coach that is certified ICF and that is also a member of ICF Québec is simply a way to ensure that you are guided by a professional that has rigorous training and up-to-date knowledge.
  • Choosing a coach that is certified ICF and that is also a member of ICF Québec allows you to have access to the services of more than 400 coaches with various skill sets and expertise, all of which abide by the code of ethics of their profession.

Receiving proposals to hire a coach, an intelligent choice.

Use this tool to receive proposals from various coaches based on location, needs, profile as well as objectives.

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